Purchase your temporary permit here

Some vehicles do not fulfil the conditions for admission to the LEZ but can pay for admission. Find out here when and how you can buy this permit.

How does this work and which vehicles are eligible?

You must apply for and pay for admission no later than one day before entering the LEZ. Were you unable to buy a permit beforehand? You can buy an LEZ day pass (max. 8 times/year) on the day of entry.

Do you want to extend your previous permit? Apply for the new permit no later than 10 days before the end date of your current permit. You will thus avoid being fined.  


  • There are three types of tariffs for the paid permission: normal, reduced and increased. The tariff depends on the vehicle category.
  • The tariffs are applicable for the period until 31/12/2019.

Permits that commence in 2019 will expire on 31/12/2019, because stricter conditions for entry apply from 1/1/2020 onwards. Purchasing a permit with a longer duration is cheaper than purchasing permits for multiple, consecutive, shorter periods, which is why you may be offered a permit with a longer duration.
When the tariff for a longer permit period is more expensive than the purchase of multiple consecutive permits, you will not be able to choose this tariff.  

Check the list of vehicles that can pay to be admitted.

Check the list of tariffs.

Find out where which tariffs apply for the period from 2020 onwards.

How do I buy a permit?


  • Find your vehicle’s registration documents.
  • Go to the online tool. It works best in Google Chrome.
  • You can apply for a permit by:
    • logging in with your A profile. If you create an A profile, you won’t have to fill in your data again. You will have access to the e-counter of the City of Antwerp, where you can find all your applications. You can create an A profile in the registration tool by clicking “Submitting an application with your A profile”
    • or by entering your e-mail address twice.
  • Enter your number plate and the date of the vehicle’s first registration (under category ‘B’). The system will then use this information to check your car against the LEZ database. Make sure to fill in the right information. 
  • Your number plate is checked in the LEZ database based on the date on which you logged in. If your registration is still valid on this day, the tool will inform you that you may enter the LEZ until the end date of your registration. Click the “Next” button for a new registration.
  • Follow all the steps. Enter the data as provided on your vehicle registration document to receive a correct answer. The City of Antwerp and DIV only have the information on your vehicle registration document at their disposal. We do not have information provided by third parties unless registered with the City of Antwerp or DIV.
  • Add all the documents requested by the registration tool. You can use the following file formats: PDF, JPG, JPEG, PNG and Word. You can also add photos of your documents.

Registration at one of the LEZ terminals 

You can also register your vehicle at one of the LEZ terminals.

In the Low Emission Zone:

  • In the NMBS car park (side of Kievitplein – entrance in Van Immerseelstraat) under Central Station near the exit at level -1.
  • In the Parkindigo car park under the National Bank near the exit at level -1.
  • In the Parkindigo car park in Groenplaats near the exit at level -1.

Outside the Low Emission Zone:

  • In the shop of the Q8 petrol station/E313 motorway services in Ranst in the direction of Antwerp. The terminal is located inside the shop, to the left, near the entrance, opposite the Panos corner.
  • To the right, near the entrance of Mediamarkt in Wilrijk (along the A12, at Kernenergiestraat 56, Wilrijk).
  • To the left near the entrance of the Esso petrol station, Vogelzanglaan 15 Antwerp.
  • To the right, near the entrance (street side) of McDonalds Merksem, Lambrechtshoekenlaan 1 Antwerp.
  • McDonalds Zwijndrecht, Pastoor Coplaan 116, 2070 Zwijndrecht.

Follow the same method as described above for online purchases to purchase a permit.


  • Choose the desired start date of your permit (the date must be at least the next day).
  • Choose whether you wish to pay online or by bank transfer. The online payment must be done immediately. You will receive an e-mail with the information for the bank transfer if you select this option.

Always complete your application and follow the steps until the end. You will receive an e-mail with a summary and the status of your application. Did you not receive an e-mail? Check your spam box. Don’t see the mail there either? Then an error occurred. Try again or contact our LEZ call centre at + 32 (3) 338 38 18.

Assistance with the application for a paid permission

Do you require assistance to fill out your application or do you not have a computer? Contact us using the contact form or make an appointment with one of the city offices. You can do this online (choose 'traffic and parking') or call + 32 (0)3 22 11 333. Make sure to bring all your vehicle documents and other required documents.


You can pay in cash up to a maximum amount of 299 euros at the city counters. Higher amounts must be paid with a bank card.

What should I do when my license plate or other data regarding my admission, registration or exemption, change?

If you sell your vehicle and/or change the number plate, the vehicle needs to be re-registered with the new number plate or you need to buy a new permit. As set out in Article 4.3 of the municipal regulations for the low emission zone of Antwerp, permits, registrations or exemptions are non-transferable.