Go to the checktool

Which documents do I need to check my vehicle?

  • car registration document
  • European certificate of conformity

How should I proceed?

  • Take your registration document.
  • Go to the check tool.
  • Enter your number plate and the first registration date (under category 'B').
  • After filling in your number plate and the date of first registration, your data is checked against the LEZ database. So be sure to enter the correct details. You will immediately know whether you are allowed into the LEZ or not. There is small chance the system will not be able to verify your data based on your number plate. In that case, you will need to fill in the rest of the tool to check whether your vehicle may enter the LEZ.

If you need to complete the rest of the check tool, please fill in the details as they are mentioned on the registration document* to get a correct answer. You will get the result after filling in your details. It will tell you whether your vehicle is allowed entry and what your options are. Those options can be as follow:


* The City of Antwerp and the Vehicle Registration Department (DIV) only have the vehicle information mentioned on your car registration certificate. Information given by third parties is not included, unless it is registered with the City of Antwerp or the Vehicle Registration Department.