You’ve got a vehicle with a foreign number plate

The conditions for admission to the low emission zone (LEZ) also apply to foreign vehicles. The vehicles that meet these conditions for admission must be registered (once only) if they wish to enter the low emission zone. The LEZ applies 24/7 to all vehicles: passenger cars, camper vans, delivery vans and lorries, agricultural vehicles, buses (this includes tourist coaches).

Why register your vehicle?

The city does not have a database with the data of foreign vehicles. If you register your vehicle once only, it is added to the database of authorised vehicles. After registration, you can enter the LEZ for free.

Do check on time whether your vehicle is still authorised to enter the LEZ after the norms are tightened in 2020 and 2025 respectively.

Which certificates do you need to register?

Your vehicle papers:

  • the car registration documents
  • the European certificate of conformity (if applicable)

Does your vehicle have a Dutch number plate or license plate?

Then you do not have to register your vehicle if it meets the conditions for admission to the low emission zone. Dutch vehicles which meet the conditions for admission, are automatically registered based on the information in the RDW's license plate registry. We only use information that is not privacy-sensitive. Dutch vehicles which do not meet the conditions for admission need to purchase a permit against payment or a LEZ day pass before entering the LEZ.

Use our check tool and fill in your number plate and the date of first registration to check whether your vehicle may enter the low emission zone.

Check your vehicle

Take the online test to be sure that your vehicle is admitted to the LEZ. You will thus avoid being fined. 

Where and when should you register your vehicle?

Register your vehicle on time, and no later than 24 hours after entering the LEZ. This ensures that your vehicle is on the list of admitted vehicles when your number plate is checked. If you must pay for admission, you must apply for your permit no later than one day before you enter the LEZ. Registration is once-only and free.

A registration entitles a vehicle to enter any low emission zone in Flanders, including the LEZ of Ghent. They are not valid in Brussels.

Find out here how you can register your vehicle. 

If you enter the LEZ with a car that is not admitted, you will be fined.