Bike and moped

Biking to the city? In Antwerp, biking has many advantages. It is safe, good for the environment and, in many cases, it is the quickest mode of transport for getting around in Antwerp. The city already has more than 700 km of safe and comfortable bike paths.
Bike routes
Antwerp is a true biking city. Its 700 km of safe and comfortable bike paths make it easy for large numbers of people to pedal around each day.
Park and Bike
You can switch to public transport at the Park and Rides (P+R) but you can also bike into the city centre.
Parking your bike
There are also rules for parking bicycles. Leave your bike in an adapted bike shed, ether above ground or underground.
Renting a bike
If you come to Antwerp with public transport or in your car and you would like to find a quick way to move around through the city, renting a bike is the solution.
Bike discount
Does your commuting route pass through an area with traffic disruptions? Employees who leave their cars at home and hop on the bike can receive a bike discount.
Getting around Antwerp safely on a bike or moped
Cyclists, pedestrians, moped drivers, motorists and public transport... they constantly cross each other’s path in Antwerp. And there is no reason why this shouldn't happen in a safe and pleasant manner.
The newest wheels: the electric scooter, the monowheel and so on
Now and then you can spot them on the city’s streets: an electric scooter, a monowheel or a Segway. Toys for gadget freaks? Nothing could be further from the truth. These electric vehicles are an excellent solution for the last kilometres.
Bicycle bus in the port
Employees from the port of Antwerp can take the bicycle bus free of charge to drive through both the Tijsmans and Liefkenshoek Tunnels. The bus has stops on both banks of the Kanaaldok and the Scheldt and ensures swift crossings from the left to the right bank.
Pedestrian and bicycle tunnel under the river Scheldt
You can walk or cycle under the Scheldt via St Anna’s Tunnel. Cyclists can also take the Kennedy bicycle tunnel.
Shared scooters
Scooters are a handy transport option for getting around the city. They are flexible, easy to park and environment-friendly if you choose an electric scooter. What’s more, you don’t even need to buy a scooter. You can now easily rent electric scooters from various providers in Antwerp.

Bicycle lifts

Right before you leave, check to see whether the bicycle lifts for the Kennedy Tunnel and the Sint-Anna Tunnel are operating.

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