Bike routes

Antwerp is a true biking city. Its more than 500 km of safe and comfortable bike paths make it easy for large numbers of people to pedal around each day. Discover the routes on the cycling map. You can also download the route planner of Smart ways to Antwerp for Android or iOS. The route planner shows you the exact route to your destination and indicates how long it takes to get there.

Bike Superhighways


Every working day, 4,500 people use this bike superhighway to get to work or school. The Antwerp–Mechelen bike superhighway runs in a straight line along the railway, creating an efficient bike connection between the cities of Antwerp and Mechelen.


This bike superhighway runs northwards along the Antwerp–Kapellen railway line.


This bike superhighway along the Antwerp-Lier railway line is not yet completed.

Bike routes


The Ringfietspad is a bike path that runs alongside the Antwerp ring road, from Borgerhout to Nieuw Zuid.


The big brother of the Ringfietspad curves its way around the city, between the Antwerp ring road and the R11, from Hoboken to Merksem and back.


The Havenroute in the north of Antwerp connects Scheldelaan along Oosterweelsteenweg and Noorderlaan with Berendrecht, Zandvliet and the Netherlands. Parts of this route are still under construction.


The Welenroute, in the west of Antwerp (Linkeroever), starts in Blancefloerlaan and runs along Beatrijslaan, Galgenweel and Burchtse Weel, through the village of Burcht to the N419.

Sint-Bernardus Route

The Sint-Bernardusroute, to the south of Antwerp, runs from Wilrijk, over Hoboken to Hemiksem, adding a new route to the supra-local cycling network.

Bike junctions

The bicycle junction network allows carefree biking along the safest and most beautiful bike paths. Use the digital route planner to map out your own ideal cycling tour. The bicycle routes are also available on the bike map of Antwerp and the surrounding region.

Evelyn Martens works as a primary school teacher in Borgerhout. She commutes to work every day from Sint-Antonius (Zoersel).

“If you know when you’re about to leave, you also know more or less when you’ll arrive. That is one of the greatest advantages of a bike. What’s more, it’s a delicious relaxing alternative for your commute. You can mull over what happened during the day, while on your bike. And when you get home, you will have cleared your mind and can concentrate on the rest of your evening.”

Read Evelyn's story here