The newest wheels: the electric scooter, the monowheel and so on

Now and then you can spot them on the city’s streets: an electric scooter, a monowheel or a Segway. Toys for gadget freaks? Nothing could be further from the truth. These electric vehicles are an excellent solution for the last kilometres from a train station, a bus stop or a park and ride (P+R). They are environmentally-friendly and you can easily take them with you, wherever you go. The epitome of multimodal transport!

Electric scooters

You can swiftly get from A to B thanks to the electric engine of an electric scooter. It is a fantastic means of transport for short trips in the city. You can take your own scooter with you on public transport and in your car. And you can also use shared scooters for short trips in the city.

Shared scooters

Bird and Poppy provide free-floating shared scooters. They don't have a fixed parking space. You need an app to locate them. You can open the scooter's lock using your smartphone and leave. After your journey, just leave the scooter in a place where it doesn’t disturb anyone.

The scooters are easy to operate. Just push off then push the throttle button with your thumb to ride.

  • You must be at least 18 years old to use these scooters.
  • You pay a small fixed amount to start your journey and then pay by the minute.
  • The scooters are only available between 7 am and 9 pm. They are then collected to be charged.
  • You can also collect a Bird and charge it, if you register as a 'charger'. You will be compensated for this. Poppy charges its scooters itself.

Further information:

  • You can find specific information about the scooters in Antwerp and the zone where you can rent them in the Bird app.

The Segway, the monowhee, the Hoverboard and skateboard

A Segway uses sensors. It moves forward when you move forward, Backward when you move backward. The Segway is quiet and easy to ride. It is rather largeish, making it less easy to take with you on the train or bus.

Monowheels work according to the same principle, albeit it with one wheel. Riding a monowheel requires some practice and a physical effort. You will stay fit while getting around. It is a very compact vehicle and you can easily take it with you wherever you go. You don’t even have to fold it. Just pick it up by the handle.

A Hoverboard is a board with two wheels. You ride it facing forward, rather than sideways (compared with a skateboard). Like the Segway and the monowheel, you operate it by shifting your weight. What’s fun about the Hoverboard is that it weighs next to nothing.

In effect an electric skateboard is an ordinary skateboard with slightly larger wheels and a remote-controlled engine. You manoeuvre the board by shifting your weight.

What about the traffic rules?

Since 2007, the Belgian highway code has rules for ‘non-motorised slow vehicles’. The maximum speed for such electric non-motorised vehicles is set at 25 km/hour.

Your speed determines where you may ride your vehicle. If you move at the same pace as a pedestrian, then you must heed the rules for pedestrians (up to 6 km/hr). If you move any faster, you may use the cycling path or the road like cyclists.