Car and taxi

Will you be coming to the city by car? There are also many smart ways to do that. Examples include carpooling or the popular shared car. The city centre is also easily accessible from the nine free P+R sites on the city fringe. In addition, Antwerp has a large number of taxi companies that can take you to your destination safely at any time of day or night. For drivers wishing to take their own cars into the city centre, there are many parking options.
Park your car at a P+R for free
Park and Ride
You can park your car easily and free of charge at one of the park-and-ride (P+R) sites on the city fringe, and then transfer to the tram, bus or bicycle.
A greater contribution to the environment, some cost savings and more fun on the way: three good reasons to carpool
Car sharing
Only need a car now and then? Are you the kind of person who usually knows well ahead of time when they need a car? Then perhaps you might want to consider car sharing.
Getting around Antwerp safely by car, bus or truck
Cyclists, pedestrians, motorists, lorry drivers and public transport... they constantly cross each other’s path in Antwerp. And there is no reason why this shouldn't happen in a safe and pleasant manner.
A taxi can take you to your destination safely at any time of day or night.
Public car parks
If you would like to have a day out and you will be coming to the Antwerp city centre by care, you can park in one of the many public parking garages, which together provide…
Parking on the street
In Antwerp, the number of parking spaces on the street is limited, particularly in the inner city. You should therefore prepare for your trip in advance.

Have you ever considered switching between transport modes?

You can easily get to your destination by combining various means of transport.

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