Park and Ride

If you will be making a longer visit to Antwerp for work, shopping or as a tourist, you can park your car easily and at no charge in one of the park-and-ride (P+R) sites on the city fringe and transfer to the tram, bus or bicycle. From the P+R site, you will have a quick connection that will take you to the city centre. All the P+Rs are situated outside of Antwerp's low emission zone.

Nine P+R sites

There ar currently nine P+R sites in and aroud Antwerp. In the coming years, these will be expanded even further, with additional parking spaces at the Luchtbal and Linkeroever P+R sites.

P+R Merksem (280 spaces)

Bredabaan, 2170 Merksem (GPS address: Fortsteenweg Merksem) 
North Antwerp, E19, Exit 5 (Kleine Bareel)
Take the  Merksem–Hoboken tram line and get off at Astrid/Diamant, or take the  Merksem–Zwijndrecht tram line to Astrid/Opera/Meir/Groenplaats.
You could also take the bus   and get off at F. Rooseveltplaats.

P+R Luchtbal (500 spaces)

Noorderlaan 500, 2030 Antwerp 
Ring Antwerp, Exit 16 (Ekeren)
Take the  Luchtbal–Olympiade tram line and get off at Astrid/Diamant, tram   to the MAS or take one of the following bus lines    in the direction of Antwerp and get off at the last stop at F. Rooseveltplaats.

P+R Melsele (365 spaces)

Vendoorn 1, 9120 Melsele
West Antwerp, close to E17, Exit 16 (Kruibeke)
On the N70 between Melsele and Zwijndrecht, at the intersection of Grote Baan–Beversebaan–Krijgsbaan. The  Merksem–Zwijndrecht tram line will take you to the city. Get off at Groenplaats/Meir/Opera/Astrid.

P+R Linkeroever (653 spaces, Blancefloer 1, 2, 3 and 4)

Blancefloerlaan, 2050 Antwerp
West Antwerp, close to the Antwerpen-West junction - E34 - E17, Exit 6 (Linkeroever)
Take the  Melsele–Merksem tram line or  the  Linkeroever–Wijnegem tram line, and get off at Groenplaats/Meir/Astrid. The   Linkeroever–Silsburg and   Linkeroever–Boechout will also take you to the city centre. Get off at Groenplaats/Meir/Diamant.

Do you want to avoid the Low Emission Zone (LEZ) on your way to P+R Linkeroever? Then check which route is your best option on this map.

P+R Olympiade (195 spaces)

Populierenlaan 2, 2020 Antwerpen
South Antwerp, A12, Exit 13 (Antwerpen-Zuid)
Parking is free for the first 12 hours. If you park for longer than 12 hours, you will pay €1 for 24 hours. Each time you leave the parking site, you must validate your ticket at the payment machine. 
Take the   Olympiade–Luchtbal tram line, and get off at Diamant/Astrid.

You can now also find the Scooty, Mobit and Cloudbike sharing systems at the Luchtbal, Wommelgem and Olympiade P+Rs. Hop on a shared bike or scooter to get into the city centre rapidly and easily.

P+R Schoonselhof (116 spaces)

Krijgsbaan, 2660 Hoboken (next to the Schoonselhof cemetery)
South Antwerp, at the intersection of R11 and Sint-Bernardsesteenweg
The  Schoonselhof–Wijnegem tram line will take you to the city; get off at Teniers/Rooseveltplaats/Central Station.

P+R Boechout (204 spaces)

Intersection Liersesteenweg/Borsbeeksesteenweg, 2530 Boechout
Southeast Antwerp, for traffic coming from Lier
Take the   Boechout–Linkeroever tram line, and exit at the Diamant/Opera/Meir/Groenplaats stop.

P+R Wommelgem (186 spaces)

Roundabout exit at Wommelgem, 2160 Wommelgem
East Antwerp, E34 - E313, Exit 18 (Wommelgem)
Take the   Wommelgem–Zuid tram line, and get off at Astrid.

P+R Bosuil (123 spaces)

Alfons Schneiderlaan - Vic Meesstraal (Bosuilstadion), 2100 Deurne
Northeast Antwerp, relatively close to the city centre
Take the   Wijnegem–Linkeroever tram line, and get off at Astrid/Opera/Meir/Groenplaats.

Additional information

All of the information on the tram and bus schedules in Antwerp is provided on the website of De Lijn.

Kristof 26 years old and works in the centre of Antwerp.

“I never thought about driving my car to my office in the city centre. I think that I can get to the city centre much faster, whether from Kapellen or Melsele, by parking at the P+R, especially during the rush hour.”

Read Kristof's story here