Flexible work

The rush hour is the busiest time of the day on Belgium’s roads. Giving your employees flexibility in the amount of hours worked and the place of work allows them to avoid the rush hour altogether by working from home one day a week, working in another office, or - why not - working while on the road.  Smart ways to Antwerp has several partners who can help you with this. We have listed them below. 

Datacenter Vlaanderen

Datacenter Vlaanderen offers various options so your employees can work from home. Employees have access to apps, files, e-mail and calendar thanks to their flexible digital workplaces. They examine your needs with you and suggest the best package.

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Desk on my way

‘Desk on my way ’ is an online platform, that bridges the gap between the providers and users of office space. Want to avoid losing time in traffic? Your employees can use Deskonmyway’s voice-controlled app to be guided to the nearest friendly office, where they can calmly start their working day. Once traffic problems have been resolved, they can continue their journey to their usual office.

Office on Wheels

Office on Wheels operates buses that have been transformed into a mobile office, which can ferry 25 employees to and from work. In the meantime, they can work on their laptop or tablet. The travel time is recognised as working time by the affiliated employers. You can rent a bus for your company, share a bus with nearby companies or subscribe to on one of the fixed routes.

On board every traveller has a fully-equipped workspace with sufficient personal space, a large worktop, an Internet connection, sanitary facilities, coffee and water, wall sockets and USB ports.

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Regus has a global network of fully-equipped office space. These ready-to-use workspaces, which include IT facilities, can grow in step with your company. Regus offers various options, including space on demand for a few hours, monthly subscriptions or your own personal space.

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