On foot through Antwerp

Ten percent of all commuters in Antwerp walk to work. Which is a smart idea, as walking is a fast and healthy way of getting from point A to point B. You can also combine your walk with another form of transport, such as your car or public transport. In many cases, this is even the fastest way of getting to your destination.
The best way to walk
You can walk from the MAS to Zuid in just 30 minutes. Walking is definitely a feasible option in the centre of Antwerp.
Walking is healthy
As a pedestrian, you have several options to map your route. What’s more, you get to enjoy more of your surroundings when you walk.
Getting around Antwerp safely on foot
Cyclists, pedestrians, moped drivers, motorists and public transport... they constantly cross each other’s path in Antwerp. And there is no reason why this shouldn't happen in a safe and pleasant way.
Pedestrian and bicycle tunnel under the river Scheldt
You can walk or cycle under the Scheldt via St Anna’s Tunnel. Cyclists can also take the Kennedy bicycle tunnel.