Antwerp is easily accessible by train. From 4:30 in the morning until midnight, you can depart and arrive at the Antwerp Central or Antwerp Berchem stations. Each hour, multiple trains travel between the most prominent Belgian cities. 

  •    Brussels - about 40 minutes
  •    Ghent - about 60 minutes
  •    Mechelen - about 20 minutes
  •    Bruges - about 1 hour and 30 minutes

The term S Train Antwerp refers to all the suburban trains in a 30-km radius around Antwerp. You can find a map of the 54 stations and the 4 suburban lines of the S Train on the NMBS website.

The Thalys high-speed train tracks also bring international travellers to Antwerp quickly from France and the Netherlands.

Trajets combinés avec le train

Quel est le meilleur itinéraire de votre domicile à la gare, ou de la gare à votre destination ? Le planificateur d’itinéraire de Plus malin vers Anvers vous présente toutes les combinaisons possibles du train avec la voiture, le vélo, le tram et le bus ou la marche. Vous savez aussi d’emblée le temps qu’il vous faudra pour effectuer le trajet. Téléchargez le planificateur d’itinéraire pour Android ou iOS sur votre smartphone ou consultez-le sur ce site.

Did you know that you could also take your bicycle with you on the train? For only €4 more, you can cycle to your final destination after arriving at a station. Folding bicycles can be taken on the train free of charge. If you do not take your own bike, you could rent one upon arrival. Take a quick look at all of the advantages of biking in the city.

Choose an economical fee

  • Weekend ticket: 50% discount in the weekend (valid from 19:00 on Friday through Sunday, as well as during long weekends).
  • Go Pass 1: Travellers younger than 26 years can travel one-way to any destination in Belgium for €5,30.
  • Senior ticket: Travellers older than 65 years can travel to and from any destination in Belgium for €6,50.
  • Rail Pass: anyone can use the Rail Pass to travel to any Belgian destination for just €8,30 euros a journey. 
  • Large family ticket: For families with at least three children. Children younger than 12 years ride free, with a 50% discount for adults and children 12 years and older. The terms and conditions for users are provided on the NMBS website.

Key Card

The Key Card was developed especially for short trips. For €24, you can buy 10 second-class trips to a limited number of stations in the Antwerp area.

Additional information

All of the information on the tram and bus schedules in Antwerp is provided on the NMBS-website