Tram and Bus

Make the smart choice: take the tram or the bus. Antwerp has an extensive network of tram and bus lines throughout the entire city. Even if you prefer to come to the city by car, you can always park at one of the many P+R sites on the city fringe and transfer to the public transport system.

What’s more, the Smart ways to Antwerp route planner can show you with which cycling or walking route you can combine public transport, and how long it will take you to get there. If you are coming from farther away, the route planner will show you how you can combine the train or car with the bus or tram. Download the route planner for Android or iOS to your smartphone or check it on this website.

The smartest option from B to Antwerp

The extensive network of 13 tram lines and 79 bus lines make it possible to travel to and from Antwerp smoothly and without worries, even from the districts and surrounding municipalitiesChoose a transport ticket that suits your needs, and avoid traffic and parking stress. 

De Lijn is growing along with the city

Major efforts are currently being made to expand the tram network in Antwerp. Examples include the Noorderlijn, the tram connection that links the city centre to the Eilandje and Luchtbal. Stay up to date on all of the new and adjusted tram lines on the website of De Lijn. 

Trams operate later on Fridays and Saturdays

Great news for party-goers: the trams of De Lijn operate one hour later on Fridays and Saturdays than they do during the rest of the week. If you want to stay even longer, you can purchase a TOV ticket. This ticket provides a €2 discount on a taxi ride home for each person.

Additional information

All of the information on the tram and bus schedules in Antwerp is provided on the website of De Lijn