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Posted on 05/04/2019
I have more control over my time by combining means of transport

Koen Willemsens lives in the Cadix neighbourhood in Antwerp’s Eilandje district. Koen is a multimodal traveller, combining the train, a folding bike, a shared car and DeWaterbus to get from point A to B.

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Posted on 29/03/2019
‘Looking ahead and keeping an open mind about your fleet’

In June 2018, Jana Feske joined the City of Antwerp as a sustainable mobility consultant. She explains how the city is currently trying to organise commuting and work travel in the most sustainable manner possible. She also offers of the new, exciting projects in the pipeline and explains how the city itself deals with the tightened conditions for admission to the city’s low emission zone (LEZ). And finally, Jana shares some tips for companies that wish to implement a more sustainable mobility policy.

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Posted on 14/03/2019
‘I’m glad to be on my bike’

Evelyn Martens has been working as a primary school teacher in Borgerhout for over 10 years. She commutes to work every day from Sint-Antonius (Zoersel). In the past, Evelyn used to take the bus to work but nowadays her electric bike actually gets her there faster.

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Posted on 25/02/2019
The monowheel: not just for gadget freaks

Christof Demol lives in Wijnegem but works in Schaarbeek. A few years ago, he bought himself a monowheel. This electric one-wheeled vehicle still attracts a lot of attention when you go out with it. But Christof finds it a very practical solution, especially when combined with the train.

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