Arriving at work feeling relaxed using the Park and Ride

Kristof Van den Lemmer is 26 years old and works in the centre of Antwerp. He recently received a company car, which he prefers to park at a Park and Ride (P+R). It is the fastest and most hassle-free option to travel into the city centre.

Posted on 09/05/2018
Frederik Beyens

Public transport, a good habit

“I used to go to school by bus in secondary school. I lived in Kapellen at the time, from where I took the bus to Antwerp. At some point, the routes of the lines changed and I found it easier to drive my car to the P+R in Merksem. From there it takes me about 25 minutes to get to the city centre by tram.”

“Now I live in Melsele with my girlfriend and I use the P+R on Linkeroever. I could also take the tram from Melsele but there are more trams from the P+R Linkeroever. This means I can hop on any tram in Groenplaats, to get home in the evening. The journey from the P+R on Linkeroever to Groenplaats takes about 10 minutes.”

“I never thought about driving my car to my office in the city centre. I think that I can get to the city centre much faster, whether from Kapellen or Melsele, by parking at the P+R, especially during the rush hour.”

“My employer already gave me a De Lijn pass so I can combine my car with public transport. They let me keep the pass when I got a company car. We have a car park at the office but there are not enough spaces for all the employees. So it is in my employer’s interest that not everybody drives into work by car.”

Plenty of space and very user-friendly

“I never had problems parking my car, whether on Linkeroever or in Merksem. The car parks are very large. I don’t have to arrive early. The car parks are also free so you don’t have to worry about bringing enough change or your parking pass in the mornings. Cross the road and you are at the nearest tram stop. It’s all so easy.”

“Driving through the city centre during the rush hour is a much more stressful experience: the roadworks, the traffic lights, the hustle and bustle, finding a parking space... When you step off the tram, you feel much more relaxed when you are arrive at the office. You know your car is safe and all you have to do is sit back and be driven.”

“Even if there were no trams, I would still be able to easily get to work on foot by taking the Pedestrian Tunnel.”

Also in his off-time

“On weekends, when we need to get into the city or to the Sportpaleis, we do exactly the same thing. We tend to take the tram into the city now.”

"Now that I live closer to the city, I’d like to try and bike all the way into the city and into work. I didn’t find it so evident, when I lived in Kapellen. I think I can get there in about 30 minutes, I reckon, as I live in Melsele.