Switching is often the smartest solution

The flexibility of your car or the comfort of a tram? Why not just take advantage of both? You can get to your destination easily and comfortably by combining various means of transport.

There are plenty of places in and around Antwerp where you can easily switch from one means of transport to another. Take a look at the various super hubs on the map, where cycling routes, public transport and car parks come together. The symbols in the coloured boxes show which transport options are available to you.

You arrive by public transport

The large train stations: Antwerp-Zuid, Antwerp-Berchem and Antwerp-Central

These are good interchanges, with the largest number of transport options:

  • Buses and trams of De Lijn
  • Velo bike sharing stations. You can also find Blue-bikes in Antwerp-Berchem and Antwerp-Central. In Antwerp-Central you can also rent a bike from Cyclant and Fietshaven.
  • Cycling routes will take you from the train stations to your destination in the city or on the city fringe.
  • You can also hail a taxi at Antwerp-Berchem and Antwerp-Central.
  • There are plenty of businesses, shops and attractions within walking distance of the train stations.


Train stations of Ekeren, Hoboken and Luchtbal

There are also plenty of options to switch to another means of transport at the smaller train stations:

  • Buses and trams of De Lijn
  • The larger cycling routes also start from here


You arrive by car

Park on the city fringe

  • You can park your car for free in the park and rides (P+R).
  • The trams and buses of De Lijn will take you into the city centre easily and comfortably.
  • You can easily get from the P+R to your destinations by following the cycling routes. Several of the P+Rs also have bike sharing stations.


You take the ferry from Linkeroever

Straight into the city centre

You can take the ferry to Steenplein from Frederik Van Eedenplein on Linkeroever. Bikes are also allowed on board. There are plenty of other transport options available to you here such as DeWaterbus.

Frederik Van Eedenplein on Linkeroever:

  • Is a stop on the route of several buses from the Waasland region.
  • from here you can also take the tram into the city centre.
  • You can even get to the city centre on foot or with a Velo through the pedestrian tunnel. Always remember to check though whether the lifts are operational before leaving.
  • The ferry moors behind Buoy Park near Thonetlaan. 


  • from here you can get to Grote Markt and Groenplaats on foot in no time at all.
  • Here you can also switch to a Velo shared bike.


You are switching in the city

  • The green super hubs on the map show you where cycling routes and various public transport lines overlap, so you can easily switch.
  • In many cases, you can easily get to your destination by covering the last part of your journey on foot.
  • Did you know that you can also use the Scooty scooters in the city centre?


Make your life even easier: buy a City Pass

The City Pass entitles you to unlimited travel by train and on the buses and trams of De Lijn in Antwerp. What’s more, you also receive a discount when parking your car in one of the B-parkings. Top up your City Pass with your electronic MOBIB pass, which you can buy from the ticket offices in the NMBS stations. A City pass is valid for 1 to 12 months and will cost you no more than 60 euros a month.

Koen lives in the Cadix neighbourhood in Antwerp’s Eilandje district. Koen is a multimodal traveller.

“I find that I have more control over my time than when I used to drive everywhere by car. When you leave by bicycle, you know exactly when you will arrive at your destination. The same goes for the tram or bus. So it may seem like combining means of transport requires a lot of planning, but the car is no different."

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