Water mobility

After London, New York and Rotterdam, water buses have now been introduced in Antwerp. Since 1 July, the waterbus has been taking passengers from Steenplein square to Kruibeke and Hemiksem. Inhabitants of the city can also make use of the new ferry service across the river Scheldt to commute between Linkeroever and the city centre. The boats will increase the accessibility of the city centre during the major road works.
Easy transfers with DeWaterbus and the ferry
Using the river services can be very interesting, especially when you combine it with other transport options.
The water bus
You can take DeWaterbus in Hemiksem and Kruibeke to Steenplein in the city centre. The water bus then stops at Linkeroever after which it heads into the port. From Wijnegem you can take DeWaterbus to the Port House via the Albert Canal.
Ferry service
You can cross the Scheldt in various locations with a ferry service. You can even take your bike on board. The ferries are free.
Pedestrian and bicycle tunnel under the river Scheldt
You can walk or cycle under the Scheldt via St Anna’s Tunnel. Cyclists can also take the Kennedy bicycle tunnel.